A Continuation of our 35+ Anniversary Celebration

11-2013THE CRIDDERS performing troupe is planning a series of events with some surprises, including the following…

We will be co-hosting an “Open to the Public” special state wide conference with our parent organization, CRID (Connecticut Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf) sometime in February, with intermittent performances by THE CRIDDERS.

There will also be a Spring full theatrical performance by THE CRIDDERS at the Robert’s Theater in West Hartford on the weekend of March 15, 16 in 2014.

THE CRIDDERS will appear as guest performers for the annual St. Patrick’s Day “Hair of the Dog” variety show in Bridgeport, Ct. to be held on March 22, 2014.

Check this website, and our Facebook page, for more information as it becomes available! Thank you for your continued support and HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!

Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “A Continuation of our 35+ Anniversary Celebration

  1. I have an after school club for any of our 7th and 8th graders to learn Sign Language. I was wondering if you’ll be bringing back the Chrismas Show that the Cridders used to put on. I can’t wait till March to see a performance…I’d also love it if my Sign Language Club members could attend the show as well.

  2. To the Cridders
    Thanks for bringing me back in time to a place I near forgotten.
    No matter what life brings your way you step out on that stage with energy, enthusiasm and grace. You perform with seemingly unending energy.

    Tonight I noticed the stories, the absolute perfect interpretation of the message of each number. I often wondered how much a deaf person truly understood the music, the sound, the story. Maybe because I used to watch a performance… tonight I witness so much more than a performance… tonight I witnessed the story, the sound and the movement of the music..

    I sat there knowing why you are loved by so many. The audience gets it… they see the story, the sound and the beat of the music they understand and experience the song and they get it. Tonight I got it too.

    Thank you for the hours of prep, of breaking down the songs into stories. Thank you for your personal sacrifices, for meeting the demands belonging to and being a “Cridder” requires. I know it is not always an easy road to travel.. I tell you it was worth every ounce of blood, sweat and tears you’ve invested. Because tonight I really got it! And I thank you for that gift. Teri Coughlin

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